We Help You to Create a Healthy, Wealthy, Secured, Happy, Loved, and a Free Life

We Work In Five Steps

1- Understand your issue

2- Identify the root cause of your problem

3- Provide solution for your problem

4- Help you to solve the issue permanently

5- Educate you to maintain your healthy and happy state forever


You can join us and avail our services at any of the five steps

We Feel More Than Happy To Serve You


Services We Offer


  • Teenage issues of sex, addiction, low self-esteem
  • Behavioral issues
  • Live in relationships
  • Marriage issues
  • Stress, anger, depression
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Poor concentration

Occult Readings

  • Past, present, future
  • Answers of love, health, job, marriage related questions
  • Your strengths, and your weaknesses
  • Your situation, its reason, and its future outcome
  • Guidance about changing your situation

Past Life Regression

  • Know the reason behind your problematic relationships
  • Know why you feel special about someone?
  • Understand your karmic patterns
  • Remove your fears and low-feelings
  • Free yourself from unwanted experiences

Healing Energy Initiation

  • Attract healthy relationships
  • Attract positive opportunities
  • Remove your financial blocks
  • Think positively
  • Remove black magic 
  • Cultivate feelings of worthiness in you
  • Heal various physical body ailments
  • Make you confident 
  • Make you emotionally balanced
  • Improve decision making
  • Balance emotions

Personal Life Coaching

We provide Personal Life Coaching in the cases

  • Where you need a step-by-step guidance and supervision
  • You feel, you can not solve your issue at your own
  • You are not able to deal with your own strong thoughtforms
  • Your case is sensitive and demands personal attention

Life Science Education

  • Understand your life and solve its puzzle 
  • Know and complete your karmic lessons
  • Be aware of Nature's laws
  • Learn to create your destiny
  • Live your life with an evolved understanding
  • Graduate successfully from this school of life
  • Become Free

Our Packages

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Abundance Attraction

Confidence Build Up

Holistic Weight Management

Stress Management

Ideal Love Partner Attraction

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Our Blogs

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  • Is Suicide Really a Freedom from Sufferings?

    Suicide has become the most hazardous disease of the modern time period. Usually, people with low self-esteem think about self-harm; however, ego,  guilt, lack of faith in the creation, self-hatred, uncontrolled thoughts & emotions, feeling of helplessness,  are another few reasons of committing suicide. From a small child to an […]Read More »

What Our Clients Say

Mmystic Knot is the best learning place

Learning is the best experience when it is with Mmystic knot, a place where I found my own self

Kaushal R

Great knowledge with great practices

I highly recommend MMystic Knot for any help required to life problems. Nitu has got a great potential to spread the knowledge and practices which help a lot of individuals.  All the best from my side for her future endeavors”


Brought the best out of me

Ms Nitu has a natural aura of positivity around her. Her dedication and complete knowledge on each subject is a source of inspiration for me. As the saying goes, good becomes the best under the hands of a right master ….she has brought the best out of me on this journey.

Shruti Karnami

Session was quite enlightening for me

I had a counseling session of appx 2 hrs but I felt it was a very short time span and wanted to spend some more time in the session. I was in search of my Divine self and the session introduced me to the world of energy and vibrational fields. It helped me to achieve my first level of spiritual progress. Thanks mam.


I am proud to be associated with Mmystic knot

I have known you since 2013, and I am proud to be associated with you. I am sure whosoever has ever approached you for counseling, has got the proper guidance if they have been receptive enough to receive it. I am eternally grateful for your guidance through counseling sessions and workshops.  Thank you


Very much satisfied with the entire process

I was going through a complicated relationship with my boyfriend. Through PLR session, I came to know the reason of these complications and I also got clarity about my next step towards this relationship. Whatever I had seen during the regression, was not easy for me to accept but thanks to mam, she helped me to accept the things in a positive way and release the past pain. Today I am very calm and have found my inner peace. This is not the end I would like to be in touch with mam in future also.  Thanks You

Shweta Kulkarni

Mmystic Knot is developing a better manpower

I am a Reiki teacher & I am connected to spiritual healing arts since 3 years. In this journey I met Nitu Mam. I did Lama Fera and Merlin Trinity from her and also got guidance about my situations and healings. In each course, she served the best. And it is a feeling, that she gave me the spirit of the subject, not merely the content to forward ahead. A good teacher is a person who makes the best teachers for others. And she is developing a better manpower. God bless you. Thank You

A Reiki Teacher

Learning healing from Mmystic knot was my best step

I did Angel Healing therapy from mam. Till now, this is the best step I had taken. Mam helped me throughout and taught me the whole healing process step by step. From the day I have started healing with the angels my life has changed. I can always experience some supernatural positive energies acting upon my life. I am at peace with life; happy, satisfied. I have gained the lost faith as well as understood the truth of life through healing sessions. Now whenever I face any problem in life, I call my angels and they help me throughout. They have become part of my life and my life has actually changed. I am thankful to mam also for the counseling provided by her, as she took it in such a way that I could understand and see through the reality, which has helped me to find out the lost me. Thanks


My fibroids got dissolved

I had a problem of Fibroids and I could have gone through a surgery to remove them. When I learned and practiced lama Fera, my fibroids got dissolved. It was like a miracle in my life. I feel myself lucky to get a chance to come across these energies, which brought many positive changes in me. Thank you for introducing me to the miraculous energies


Mmystic Knot is a doorway to Self-realisation, Self-acceptance, and Self-progress

Mmystic Knot is a doorway to self-realisation, self-acceptance, and self-progress. Nitu is a true example of faith, wisdom, strength, and freedom. My journey to find my purpose of life started with Mmystic knot and I'm still working upon me with Nitu. Thank you

Tajeet Kaur